Christmas is fast approaching. If you’re struggling coming up with ideas for a Scout Leader or even somone who loves camping, then this blog will give you some great ideas.


If you’re after some hints, then check out these gifts for outdoorsy people. I’ve asked Scout Leaders and some other Outdoor lovers to pickout gifts that a Scout Leader  would love to receive.



Here’s what they all suggested:-

Terry LonghurstBushscout Terry Christmas

I was given a fleece buff a few years ago and still have it for those days when it’s a tad colder than normal or you are stood doing a checkpoint for the District night hike on a dark cold Saturday night March &Hammock and tarp; or a metal water bottle that also doubles as a hot water bottle.



Matt Hyde – Chief Executive The Scout Association UK

Scout monopoly


How about a thank you for all their hard work and the New Scout Monolopy Game




Bear Grylls bear grylls books

Bear Grylls Survival Skills Handbook Collection pack.




Mike – ScoutadelicOSM
Erm… A subscription to OSM? Definitely helps any leader with paperwork and keeping track of everything.





Felix Immler The Swiss Army Knife Book
I would like to suggest my “The Swiss Army Knife Book”. Is that naughty to suggest that?




Will Lord arrow head
A flint barbed and tanged arrow head.




Tim Kidd thanks
I think there are two answers: first present would be my thanks for all the hard work; the second would be something more practical – a high quality axe with a magic blade that never gets blunt which should help in teaching Scouts!




John Taylor – KATTA UK Angels
Angel Throwing Axes





Helen – Beaver Bushcraft hudson bay
Hudson bay tinder box

This very popular tinderbox is an exact replica of the traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox as used by the old-time early pioneers of Canada and America. These tough European settlers’ would have needed a fire lighting method that was reliable, robust and compact enough to be carried with them when weight was at a premium. The traditional Hudson Bay Tinderbox is a complete fire starting kit in one small compact and beautifully crafted unit and its ergonomic construction was designed for easy and reliable fire making. This Hudson Bay Tinderbox is completely rust proof, the heavy duty construction protects the fire lighting contents from loss or damage, it is small, and light, enough to be kept in a pocket, and is all that is required to make reliable fires in a traditional way.


opinelAlThe Dadsnet
A penknife – But it has to be an Opinel knife. Can’t t beat them!




Danny Reed – The Bushcraft Journalbushcraft journal
A years subscription to The Bushcraft Journal Magazine 😉




Steve England  –  Oak TreeAward-winning wildlife educator, conservationist and horticulturalist from Bristol on the Walk of Fame, leading wildlife, wild food and protection.

Knowledge as in a teaching course such as plants and trees and their uses because that knowledge is transferable and unlike a tangible object such as a firesteel or knife it can’t be lost but will be passed on too many people.



Keyur ‘Kiwi’ Patel– GLMW County Trainer Leatherman ( The KISC dude)

A decent Leatherman




MaxSparrow Hawk Bushcraft  silva compas

Silva Compass




Adrian bourbon biscuits
Bourbon biscuits and custard.




Derek warm hat
A weekend off? In seriousness, my favourite present from a scout was a warm hat, about 7 years ago and I still wear it today.





Jeremy scouting for boys
Bottle of port and the Scouting for Boys book.




Ray – GLMW County Trainer thermal mug
A good thermal cup, it’s almost guaranteed that as soon as you have a brew in your hand someone needs something and you put it down. Then your drink gets cold.





dd hammock

Richard Williams – GLMW County Commissioner

Hammock and tarp




Jon Mac navigation
How about a navigation course given by an old Mountain Rescue colleague of mine into the darkest depths of Dartmoor?



gilwell reunion


Roy Immesons 1t Ilfracombe Scout Group

A RAB sleeping bag or Gilwell Reunion Weekend Tickets.





What would you suggest for a Christmas present for a Scout Leader?