A while ago I had one of those nights, where the scouts just did the opposite to what was asked, Didn’t listen to any leader or young leader.

On the drive home after Scouts, I thought “why do I really bother with all this?!”

I know we all go through this stage at times. But still, it still gets to you and especially when you’ve spent alot of time planning and preparing for that session.

It got me thinking about how other Scout Leaders get over this” feeling of gloom”. I put this question to Scout Leader’s from all over the world and here’s some of their replies……

Angela – Just had that sort of night with our cubs whose behavour we have deemed the worst yet 🙁

Ray– I had that today, I asked if I had lost my voice or suddenly stopped speaking English? Closest Scout said no he could hear me, so I repeated my instructions and after grunting and groaning got the tasks done

Jon – Had one of those at a visit to the police station, really was a ‘why do I bother’ when they wouldn’t shut up. Only been a leader since July and that was in November, since then have had really good fun and love it.

David – I had the same last night at cubs. Think it is the heat. Got to the point I went next door to the beavers for some peace and quite. And I hate beavers!!

James – I end up shouting and loosing my voice when that happens at my troop meetings. Scouting is great , don’t leave you will kick yourself later , trust me I’m 26 and don’t want to go through that again

Paul-this sounds familiar – just remember the good meetings and also ask yourself (and I know that I cannot always answer this one) what was different tonight – hols, hot/wet weather etc etc etc (have you noticed that a wet day means kids have been indoors at school all day).

Caroline – kids always get a bit antzy the closer it gets to half term. Plus if you’ve got lots of 11 yr olds, they have just finished their exams so they are probably a bit wired with relief that its over. Chin up it will be fine. 🙂

Bente- Ask them why they are scouts?? Tell them that the behavior does not belong with the scouts, and if it continues, they are not welcome… if they are cub scout, tell them that they next time they play up you will call their parents so they can collect them and take them home!! It tends to help a little where I am 😀 Good luck 😉

Lynda – Wish I had a pound for every time I have gone home, slung my uniform in the corner and said “That’s it! Never again!…….but next week I will do it differently!”……

Ashton – Know the feeling, took on group secretary as temporary measure 5 years ago, our AGM is on Monday and yes I’ll be the only one who is willing to do the job again! You never know we might get some willing parents.

Michelle – Think it must be the weather my beavers were the same but just think maybe next week they will be different.

Simon – I always have a bottle of my favourite beer on stand-by at home ready for my return from Scouts. Sometimes I “need” it and other times I don’t – there seems to be no rhyme or reason for Scouts’ behaviour. It can be perfect or bloody awful.

James – U will have good days and bad days and countine your great job you do, with the young people 🙂

Ewan – Someone once told me that the definition of a youth leader is someone who has an infinite capacity for disappointment! It does mean that, although low moments can be very low, the highs are utterly unbeatable 🙂
– I had one of those as well, did not want to feel that bad again so the next week we discussed scouting principles and wrote a code of conduct.Scouting has been great since.

Here’s WHY I DO Scouting

# Never Give Up