In the Episode I discuss my real big passion about teaching young people First Aid at a young age, something I’ve been campaigning for years.


Recently I have been working with a Scout Group from Slough. 1 of the scouts told me how during his day off at school due to the snow, him and his mates went to the local park with a hill and witnessed a horrific accident involving to other boys colliding on the hill with the sledges.

This scout ran over to the scene to help, he told me he remembered what I taught them the following week about looking for danger, how to treat shock and how to call for an Ambulance.

1 of the boys injured his back quite badly and the Scout remembered not to move him into a recovery position because of the risk spinal injury, he actually got taken way in the Air Ambulance.


Just goes to show that Scouts do listen!!


I also discuss how a while ago I received a call in regards to a previous Scout telling me he had to do CPR on his own Dad and how he remembered what I taught him about CPR, he used that knowledge to attempt to save his own Fathers life.