It’s Sunday as I write this blog and it’s been a nice chilled out no technology day.

We had an early rise to the day today and I had a master plan of taking the family out for a nice stroll along the canal, feed the ducks and enjoy being outdoors rather than stuck inside.


In the afternoon we made an indoor cave, where Grace spent quite a bit of time reading and playing with her dolls. Thomas even joined in the fun of smashing down the cave roof only to watch me re build it, Thomas knocked it down, daddy re build it etc, you get the idea.


Our local corner shop sells those old retro bangers. I grabbed a hand full and spent some time in the back garden throwing them with Grace. Thomas and mummy ran away as they didn’t like the bangs.

We also released our four “painted ladies” butterflies out into the big wide world. We have been growing them since caterpillars.

Another activity that we did, that on paper sounded better than it actually was, make a Nature Crown. We found this activity on the side of a smoothie drink. Basically you get a strip of paper, then put double sides tape on it and then stick flowers, petals, sticks, grass onto the tape and then put it around your head in the style of a crown. However Grace enjoyed making it but freaked out with putting it around her head.

Well that’s it, it’s now the monkeys bath time and then bed.

Night night everyone.