The great outdoors is called ‘great’ for a reason!

Nature has this overwhelming power over us and it’s often only once we’re far away from our homes, offices, traffic, and the hustle and bustle of every day life that we remember what the real world is actually like and how amazing and relaxing mother nature can be.

Some of my friends and work colleagues are still surprised that I would rather go camping and spend my annual leave in the woods instead of going on a more traditional holiday to the beach for example. Maybe it’s because these people have never actually been camping themselves and have never experienced the true pleasure of camping.


Mother Nature


Not only does camping allow you to really get away from all the stresses of modern life, for me camping allows me to reset my internal batteries and reconnect with nature. This is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul and return to the day to day life feeling truly rested. One of my favourite ways of de stressing and recharging those internal batteries, is to sit around the campfire in the evening with your mates or fellow Scout Leaders and put the world to rights over a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Simple but works a treat!!

Charing battery

But camping isn’t just for scouts it’s also makes a wonderful treat for families. It’s alot cheaper than jet setting off on holiday. Your more or less in control of your holiday, arrive and leave when you want, you can take as many suitcases as you can fit in your car and your doing things all together as a family. Camping also allows you to make more lasting memories – nothing beats walking through the woods, playing hide and seek behide the 100yr old oak tree such as The Gilwell Park Oak Tree , or even making a Harry Potter wand out of a stick you’ve pick up from the forest floor.

The Gilwell Park Oak Tree

The Gilwell Park Oak Tree

You’re a lot freer than you would be in a hotel room, which means that the kids can have space to run around while the adults get that thrill of setting up home again, but in nature. Camping is also a lot cheaper, so if you’re a young couple or you’re trying to save cash to help pay off the mortgage – camping is a fun and adventurous way to save cash and have a great time doing it.




If you’ve never been camping, go try it.


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