With Father’s Day just a few weeks away- Sunday June 18th 2017, Ive come up with some ideas for the Camping Dad that will show your dad how much you love and appreciate him – and know him!

TBS- The Ultimate Fire Steel

Buy it here

This is my go to Fire steel, a used fire steel that gives out a good spark for the price.

HAND FORGED by Bethel Forge – Traditional ‘C’ Shaped 3 Fingered Fire Steel

Buy it here from Beaver Bushcraft

I love this pice of kit, good old fashioned way to make fire. My scouts love to use this fire steel to make the Scout Campfire. Don’t forget to make some charcloth!

Anker power bank phone charger – £28.99

With todays mobile phones not having the best battery life unlike the good old days with The Nokia phones that you never had to charge for weeks and weeks. These days a trusted power power bank is a must if your camping for more than a few days. Yes- turning off our phones when we go camping to connect with Mother Nature, but we still need to be in contact with family and friends for emergency reasons.

Got mine from amazon.co.uk

The Natural Navigator book by Tristan Gooley £12.08

I bought mine from amazon.co.uk

I love this book! Simple as that. I after I read this book, I started to see the great outdoor in a different way Ive never seen before. For example Ive never actually noticed that trees aren’t symmetrical and the reason for this. In this book your find helpful natural this to help you navigate and find the answers to natures myths.

Varta Indestrucable Camp Lantern £24.99 

Get it from amazon.co.uk

Ive had this for a few ears now. This beast is tough, strong ,durable and water proof. Made from a tough rubber material. You cant go wrong with this Camp Lantern.

Tick remover- £3.78

And yes i got mine from amazon.co.uk

With Lyme Disease at an all time high, and it being tick season during Fathers Day. This simple device is a 100{3ba14dfa2581c6dcc99a9c7b421b3f63ffcf8dee67c53c30cc1228586a3e42ce} must if your camping or even going for a walk in the county side.

Varta indescribable headlamp £12.99

You’ve guessed it…amazon.co.uk

The same reason as the Camp Lantern. This is a nice bright headlamp and comfortable to wear.

Jet boil stove £72.99

My good friends at amazon.co.uk sell it

The Jet boil has a helpful design to boil water in a matter of minutes. Helpful for that eagerly morning brew!

DD tarp 4 x 4 £49.00

Buy it here from DD Hammocks

You cant go wrong with a Tarp from DD Hammocks. Check out my podcast for helpful money off tips when you purchase a DD Tarp.


Support The Scouts and buy it here

I love hooodies!! Just ask my wife. The reason why I think you should get this hoodie, not only is it a good quality warm hoodie, its also raising more for The Scout Assciation. When you buy anything from the official Scout Shop, all profits are poured back into the Scout association.
Kelly Kettle- £47.95

Buy yours direct from Kelly Kettle

Man where do I start as to why you should own a Kelly Kettle. Apart from they are an awesome bit of kit.

One of the best things about the Kelly Kettle is that you don’t have to store fuel. The energy is provided by burning twigs or dry grass.

Bushcraft Essentials Course with Frontier Bushcraft 

Book your course here

This recommendation I would say is a must if your going to take bushcraft seriously, even if you’ve read books, watched 100’s of YouTube videos on Bushcraft related topics, nothing beats going an a proper well led Bushcraft Course. There’s loads of “bushcraft schools” out there and this is the trouble. Quite a lot of people claim to be Bushcraft instructors but in actual fact there’s only a hand full of good, well knowledge and experienced Bushcraft Instructors in the u.k. I can personally hand on heart 100{3ba14dfa2581c6dcc99a9c7b421b3f63ffcf8dee67c53c30cc1228586a3e42ce} recommmened Frontier Bushcraft. Led by of the UK’s leading bushcraft instructor- Paul Kirtley.

If you’re a beginner or just want to brush up on your Fire by Fricton techniques you wont go wrong doing a course with Frontier Bushcraft.

You can watch my Vlog Review about this course here

British Army sleeping bag £35.00

Buy it here..don’t spend too much

It’s a mind field out there in regards too sleeping bags, where do you start…what season will you be camping, what temperature, weight and size limit, price budget.

That’s for another blog/podcast.

Let’s keep it simple, if your looking for a bog standard Sleeping bag, have a look at army surplus gear. I use quite a bit of army surplus gear, my camping winter coat, my Swedish Army LK70 Bag, polish roll mat, mess tin and mug, seal socks, there’s lots of gear. Its all tested to a high standard so you know it work!

DD Frontline Hammock £52.00

Buy it direct from DD Hammocks 

Good quality Hammock, well made, good price, good customer service.