The old classic joke about a stick….. what’s brown & sticky ? A stick!

Whilst at a recent camping trip with my Scout Group I set them a task to come up with as many ideas as possible what you can use a stick found in the forest.

Here’s the top 10 ideas we came up with

1) Use it to cook over a camp fire i.e. Camp Hot dogs, roast marshmallows or even the Scours favourite make S’mores.

2) Make a sword

3) Make a catapult

4) Muddy/Clay animals

5) Hobby horse

6) Mother Nature Picture frame

7) Kite

8) Use them to make tracking signs

9) Candle Stick holder

10) Bug hotel
We came up with more random ideas such as a harry Potter wand, gun, mud paintbrush, how about a pretend whistle? Or even make a real whistle out of Hazel.

The list is endless when you just let your mind relax and go with the flow.

Give it a go and see what. Other ideas you can come up with.