I got sent this email from a parent whose a bit anxious about her son attending his 1st Cub camping Weekend…..

Dear Big man in the woods,

My son is about to head off on his first ever trip with his Cub Pack . He and his sister have once or twice stayed at Grandparents over night. But never been away on his own or camped.

He will be sleeping with 5 other cubs in a tent, recently he’s been having a few “toilet issues” during the night and I’m a bit worried the other boys in his tent will take the mickey out of him if it happens.

He is so excited about it and can’t wait to go. I am anxious and not sure what or how to give him advice without my anxiety coming through.

Please can you calm my nerves down.

Many thanks

A worried and anxious Mummy

Firstly, I’m sure he is in good hands with Akela. Akela I’m pretty sure has dealt with this on many occasions and can reassure you if you go speak to them after a Cub meeting in the scout Hall. If you don’t feel like you want to talk to Akela, let me try to reassure you about the camp.


Cub camp is fun

All scout campsites have had risk assessments, and leaders are trained to keep your kids safe….there ARE accidents, but usually just the normal falls, sprains and grazes you’d expect on a normal trip spent being very active in the outdoors.

  • Pack soap, but don’t expect it to be used.
  • Pack toothpaste if you like, but it will come back unsqeezed.
  • Pack changes of underwear if you wish, but they will come back unworn. And make sure all clothes have their named written on the label. Be prepared to get random clothes in their kit bag when they return home…. Even the odd pants that don’t belong to your child. Don’t ask!
  • Pack at least twice as many pairs of dry socks as you were planning to pack.His feet WILL get wet, very wet.

Β and don’t forget to pack a torch or even 2. They always loose a torch or blame their mum for not packing 1.


Cub camp is fun

Give them some pocket money. A couple of quid to spend in the campsite providore(shop). Just double check with the Leader’s if that’s OK though.

Tell him that you’ll be thinking of them , and to have a fantastic time! The Cubs will eat well and won’t go hungry. If they are worried about sleeping, don’t panic I guarantee you they will sleep soundly after a day racing around in the fresh air and woods.

Please don’t give a list of food likes and dislikes to Akela…your son won’t go hungry, and may try stuff he normally won’t eat at home with you. (obviously food allergies/religious reasons are different and the leaders will need to know in advance ). Don’t pack a load of snacks…they attract insects, foxes etc and will no doubt cause squabbles with the other Cubs in his tent.

Make sure you tell them to have a wee before bed! There’s nothing worse than getting nice and comfy in your sleeping bag, all snuzzled up and then waking up in the early hours wanting a pee but realising its too cold and your nice and toasty in your bed.

Also make sure you pack him warm clothing and a warm hat such as a beanie for bed and advise him to wear it!. There is nothing worse than being cold in the night when camping. They even might want to bring along their favourite Teddy bear to keep them company and a familar smell to comfort them.


“After the camp”

Run a nice bath when he gets back. Maybe a shower 1st before to rinse of the weekends worth of mud and the smell of the campfire.

rubber duck in bath

And have his bed all nice and clean……he’ll adore you for it after sleeping on the floor for a week.

Honesty he will be fine, don’t worry! Easy to say I know, but I’m pretty sure they will come back in 1 piece

I’m sure he will have lots of fun and make amazing memories.

All the best

Big man in the woods