Having heard and read many Urban Myths about Scouting I thought I’d jot down these  Scouting urban myths that I’ve heard of and answer them and dispel these common “urban myths” about Scouting

You have to help every week-
No you don’t! Even as uniformed leaders you don’t have to be able to make it every week.

Scouting takes over your life-
Only if you want it to! You can choose how much time you want to devote. So yes! Some of us do choose to spend many hours every week but equally some people only choose to spare a few hours a year.

Training takes up all your free time
No it doesn’t! The training is now “NVQ” style. For some roles only a few modules are needed and even if going into uniform you have up to 3 years to complete all the training. Many modules involve a DVD and / or a workbook so don’t need to involve a course to physically attend. Some modules can be signed off simply by showing what you already do at work or at home. Even if courses are required many are run of an evening, or perhaps several over a day. Courses are a great way to meet people who are in similar roles and get new ideas such as programme planning or ideas for themed camps for example.

I can’t help until my children join-
Oh yes you can! In fact some Leader’s have grown up children, and some don’t have any children at all.

I don’t want to go into uniform, so I can’t help
Oh yes you can! There are lots of ways you can help that doesn’t require a Scout Leader’s uniform.

Everyone else would be much better than me
What makes you so sure? Just come along and see what’s involved.

It’s only 2 hours a week.                          This isn’t an actual statement that has officially been said. No one knows where this started and infact when it started. Again another Scout myth. It can be less than an hour a week or the opposite side and be more than 2 hours a weekend depending on your Scouting role and what you can actually give up.

You do need to be wearing Scout Scarf to be insured on a Scouting activity.-  Wearing Scout uniform is not an insurance requirement. Well, you wouldn’t go swimming in full Scout uniform, but members are insured while swimming.

British Bulldog was banned because of Health & Safety.                                         The truth: The playground game British Bulldog was banned by many scout groups and Schools due to concern arising from the danger it caused. No national or legal ban was put in place, but many scout groups and schools still feared for the welfare of the young people on playing such a violent game, so they don’t run this game.

Scout’s aren’t allowed to throw Axes.    Axe throwing isn’t banded in Scouts. New POR coming out shortly will change from Axe throwing to Tomahawk throwing.

Por 9.67-The following activities are not permitted within The Scout Association:

  • Towing of inflatables behind powered watercraft (eg banana boating)
  • Bungee jumping
  • Hitch hiking
  • Knife Throwing

A very funny Scout urban myth I heard  that due to sheep and cow droppings in a field a scout group was stopped camping in that field by the D. C.

 This has story hasn’t been confirmed so again another random Scout Urban Myth

Beavers can’t sleep in tents–                There are no longer any specific restrictions to Beaver Scouts taking part in residential activities, except for the normal section ratio’s. As with any nights away activity consideration should be made to the suitability of the opportunity for the young people.

Scouting is a Christian movement-
The Scout Association is an inclusive, values-based Movement, which supports its members to engage with spirituality in an exciting and meaningful way.

The Scout Association in the United Kingdom is an open association. This means we are made up of Members of different faiths, including those with no faith, and identify ourselves with no one faith exclusively.

Membership is open to all those individuals who share our fundamental values, and are willing to make a commitment to them, expressed by the Promise and Law.

Different versions of the Promise are available to suit different faiths or those who have no affirmed faith. 

 Scout Leader’s get paid and its a full time job.                                              Unfortunately, as a voluntary organisation The Scout Association is unable to pay volunteers for the time they give to Scouting.


Have you heard of any other Scout Urban Myths? If so, comment below. I’d love to read them