The up and coming Musical tour that me and my family will be seeing during the summer holidays by Wallace & Gromit featuring a Cracking Live Orchestra gave me a cracking programme idea to make our very own Patrol Stop motion animated sketch about Scouts.


Ok we are never going to be the next Nick Park from Aardman animations, the people behide Wallace and Gromit and not forgetting Shaun the sheep but the Scouts would learn the process of stop motion animation.


My brief for the scouts was to create a 30 second promo about Scouts…. WHO/WHAT/WHY/WHEN was all down to the scouts. They had 3 weeks to come up with an idea, plan, film and then edit the promo videos.

stop motion animation

I really wanted to use plasticine just like Wallace & Gromit, I really wanted to make the next Hollywood blockbuster just like Wallace & Gromit- the wrong trousers. Sadly, we couldn’t get the best results with Plasticine to we went for Lego instead.


OK, we are never going to win any awards or even go on tour like Wallace & Gromit the musical, but at least the Scouts and Leaders had a great time learning how difficult Stop motion animation actually is.


Each patrol came up with very different stories, 1 patrol explained that hey have recently learn about CPR, another was about a burning building and the 3rd patrol, I still have no idea what their story was about.

stop motion animation

The week of filming, each Patrol had 45 minutes of filming time of which turned out to be about 10 seconds of real time in their video. It was a real shock to each patrol, and they all athought their promo video would be at least a couple of minutes long not 10 seconds.  The Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were-Rabbit took 15 months to make!!


The following week, the scouts edited down their animation videos and recorded over their voices.

Here’s the Videos that the Scouts produced…

Its safe to say Nick Park, that my Scout Group won’t be making their own versions of Wallace & Gromit- your safe there!


So big thanks to Wallace and Gromit for giving me the inspiration for this Cracking Stop motion animation Programme.

If you would like to see the Wallace & Gromit’s Musical Marvels Tour you can find out more details here.