Every now and then friends, work colleagues and even members of my family question me ” why do I do Scouting?”, you don’t get paid for scouting so why would you spend all your free time and not get a single penny for giving up that precious time the Young people’s Parents see it as a free child care evening or weekend when you go camping… all these points are valid and at times true.
The famous scouting phrase ” it’s only 2 hrs a wk” is not solely true. It can be, but as a Scout leader its probably at “least” 2 hours a day. Programme planning, programme investigating, replying to parent and Scout HQ email, fixing the scout hall maintenance for example.
why Do I do Scouting? If I spend all this time and don’t get paid for it, I wouldn’t do over time at work and not claim for it….true!

So for me, I got into scouting about 7 years ago, when a work colleague mentioned to me that I would be a great Scout Leader, I never did scouting as a kid, so I kind of ignored this comment to me until a few months later. I moved to London and being away from my friends & family. I moved to an area where I didn’t know anyone apart from my girlfriend and her family.I then remembered this comment from my work colleague about Scouting and thought it would be great to give something back to young people and meet new adult friends.
Now fast forward to this present day and I have some amazing global friends who are involved in Scouts and it’s an awesome feeling to look at the young people who’ve I taught not just outdoor social skills but some important social and life skills whilst they have been in my scout troop.
Here’s what some other Scout Leaders have said about why they do scouting. These comments are from Beaver, Cub & Scout Leaders as well as District and national scout leaders.

Steve Hart– Love teaching kids what they wont learn at school and opening their blinkers to the outdoors
Julian Creswell– watching the young children watching them discover the hidden thing you’ve partially unconverted nod left in their pathway.
Jeremy Edwards– encouraging and nurturing the children that have been written off and helping them fulfil their potential in society.
Barbara Gilbert. Seeing their smiles on their faces when you have worked hard to organise an outing or event.
Valerie Holman– seeing their confidence grow as they experience Ade venture and overcome their fears.
Derek wright– I am a scout leader to give back what i got from when i was a scout.
Ian Langbridge– it’s fun, keeps me busy and I’ve met a lot of people and made good friends from scouting
Jags Bharth– deputy UK Youth commissioner- scouting give you the chance to learn in the outdooor classroom.