Our overall verdict "Excellent"

For practically most of my life, well in fact just over 30 years, I have been involved one way or another with first aid. As a youngster, I was a member of St John Ambulance until I was 16. I then joined my local hospital. For the past 20 years I’ve worked in many operating theatres as an Operating Department Practitioner; attending many cardiac arrests, road traffic accidents, and other emergency scenarios both within and out of hospital. So as you can see, I have a lot of medical emergency experience.

I was asked by ‘SJ Works’ to review a few of their First kits. One of them being an “ all purpose” first aid kit designed for the home, car, play or even a boat. The second first aid kit is designed for the bicycle, this is an area they have a lot of interest in.

SJ WORKS design bicycle first aid kits from safe biking idea to help cycle in the city easy, smartly and safely.


There are 100’s of first kits out there on the market, costing anything from a couple of pounds for a basic kit consisting of gloves, plasters to the other side costing a couple of hundred pounds consisting of the basics as well as a burn kit, skin glue etc or you can put together your own kit yourself with specific items you want such as cartoon character plasters for your little ones.

Let’s take a look at SJ Works “all purpose”first aid kit retailing at £6.99 on amazon.co.uk

The mini 1st aid kit consists of

—1pc Hardcase Plastic box
—1pc American Red Cross First Aid Guide
—1pc Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves – Large 2PCS/PK
—-6pcs Antiseptic Towelettes
—3pcs Butterfly Wound Closures
—5pcs Easy Access Bandage 3*1″
—5pcs Easy Access Bandage 3/4*3″
—5pcs Junior Easy Access Bandage 3/8×1.5″
—5pcs Adhesive Spot Bandage 7/8″x7/8″
—2pcs Sterile Non-Adherent Pads 2″x3″
—2pcs Sterile Non-woven sponges2″x2″2pcs/pk 4ply
—1pcs First Aid Tape Roll 1/2″x10yds.
—1pcs Pressure Bandages 2″x2″

The kit has these really cool unique “easy access plasters”, this little technique minimises you touching the sterile plaster, therefore keeping it clean.

The hard case is a handy size, not small enough for a handbag but definitely for a ruck sack. I have added a tube of ‘Germaline’ to this for treating minor cuts and grazes, minor burns, scalds and blisters, stings and insect bites.

I would of like to see an emergency blanket as this it is designed to be kept in cars and boats. Some sterile water to irrigate out cuts and also having a few more gloves maybe.

As a basic 1st aid kit this is ideal. It’s also great for slipping in the rucksack if you’re going hiking. This wouldn’t be used for a main 1st aid kit if you’re a designated 1st aider, as a Scout Leader for example.

Let’s have a look at the 2nd first aid kit. The Smart phone solution bicycle First Aid Kit.

This bicycle first aid kit is hands-free to hold the phone when biking. Super large & sensitive transparent touch panel on bag & offers 3.5mm Headphone Extension Cord M/F

This retails for £29.00 on amazon.co.uk

What’s included in the bicycle first aid kit?

—1pcs Empty bag for smartphone solution
—1pc American Red Cross First Aid Guide
—6pcs Antiseptic Towelettes
—5pcs Easy Access Bandage 3*1″
—5pcs Easy Access Bandage 3/4*3″
—5pcs Junior Easy Access Bandage 3/8×1.5″
—5pcs Butterfly Wound Closures
—2pcs Sterile Non-Adherent Pads 2″x3″
—2pcs Sterile Non-woven sponges2″x2″2pcs/pk 4ply
—1pc Sterile Eye Pad
—1pc Pressure Bandages 2″x2″
—1pc Pressure Bandages 3″x3″
—1pc Triangular Bandage 42″x42″x59″ non woven
—1pc First Aid Tape Roll 1/2″x10yds.
—1pc Emergency Blanket 38″x60″
—1pc 3.5mm Headphone Extention Cord M/F
—1pc SJ Works Reflect strip
—1pc Security Seal
—1pc Outside cover box

The first aid kit has a water tight pocket designed for your smart phone, with a window which allows you to still use the touch pad on your phone. I have to say this was a rather tight fit for the iPhone 6plus. I like that the bag also has a reflective design on it.

It’s meant to be placed on the underneath of the top bar of your bicycle, but when I put it where it’s suggested to go, I came across a few problems.
1) I was unable to see my phone, so if I was using my smart phone for maps, I would be unable to see the map
2) The suggested location of the it meant that my water bottle was unable to fit, so I moved the kit to the top of the bike frame and this allowing me to read my map and put my water bottle in.

The content of the first aid kit I cannot fault for a “ bike 1st aid kit” like the all purpose kit, I added in a tube of Germaline for those grazes and stings.

Is this bicycle first aid kit good value for money? I would say yes. It’s a great size and weight.
Like the “all purpose “ first aid kit, they are both designed to be used outside, so a emergency silver space blanket should have been in this kit.
Just remember that when you’ve used an item to replace it as soon as you can.

You can buy first aid items from your local supermarket, they are just as good as anywhere else.

I would also highly recommend that you do a first aid course. This is something I firmly believe should be taught in schools, alongside the curriculum just like English, Maths and Science.

I will give the “ All purpose” first aid kit 4/5, if they had a small bottle of sterile water and an emergency blanket it would of got 5/5.

The Bicycle first aid kit gets a 5/5 from me. To make it even better, having an emergency silver space blanket in this kit. But you can pick these blankets up for under a pound in the local supermarkets. If you’re a keen cyclist, I would highly recommend you purchase this product for your road trips.