The UK Scout Association has decided to launch a new Scout Section aimed at Young people of the ages 4-6yrs old. The section will be known as Squirrels. This has come about after recent Youshape events where the Young people have said that they would of like to of joined the Scouting movement at a much younger age.



The Squirrels Uniform will be based of the old Grey beaver jumper but revamped and less itchy.

Badges: –

• First aid Badge, such as How to put on a Plaster and the safe application of Magic Water
• The colouring in between the lines badge
• The Mini Tomahawk Badge
• The making juice badge
• Making funny faces
• Learning how to tie shoe laces
• The Nursery Rhyme Badge, what are the stories behide nursery rhymes
• Naughty Monkey Badge

• Rescue me of out a tree




The Squirrel Section will open in September 2018



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