My Sunday photo…


When I was a kid, time seemed to take for ever, I wanted to be an adult just like my Parents, I longed to be able to drive a car when I was a little boy. But it seemed to take ages for my next birthday to come around.

Every adult used to tell me the same thing “slow down and enjoy your youth whilst you can, as you grow older time flies by. And before you know it your an old man.”

As a youngester I never listen to them, but as I’ve got older and older those wide words are starting to haunt me and I can know understand what “those old moany folks use to whinge at me” saying the same quote.

I can’t believe it’s July already and my boy is nearly 1.5yrs old, it seems only last week he was born.

Sitting around the table for lunch talking to my wife and Daughter about her starting big school after the summer holidays, Grace told us both ” I can’t wait to be older and be a mummy just like you Mum!”

And just then those wide words came out of my mouth “enjoy your being a kid whilst your young… Time flies”