As a Scout Leader, what’s are the superpowers you wish you had?

Hang on! Don’t answer that just yet…..  let me guess- I reckon it’s flying or super strength? my  final guess would be flying. I think at some point we’ve all dreamed of becoming superheroes. Flying from work to home to the Scout Hall & not getting stuck in the traffic or fying home after a Beaver Camp.

The world has gotten a lot safer since superhero comics debuted in the 1940’s. The best unnatural abilities would honestly be the ones that make our lives alot easier.

If we could build a “SUPER Scout Leader” with superpowers what would they be?

big man as superman

Here’s some of the super powers that I came up with:-


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To be able to do my Scouting bits in the 2 hours a week

We’ve all been told about that Urban Myth that Scouting is only 2 hours a week.  In some roles that’s probably true, but for many Section Leaders that’s far from the truth. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do your programme planning, module training, booking trips, organising camps in just a few minutes a week? Now that would be a cool Superhero Power

To explain to my Scouts how to play a wide game leaving enough time to actually play it…

We’ve all been there, you have explained and explained and explained the rules of the Game to our Young people, you’ve even got the Young Leaders to explain the game and rules to them as you thought it was the wat you was explaining the game,  But still, they run the wrong way around the troop when playing ladders or forget to drop the bat when playing rounders!


Invisibility so I could see what the kids really think of scouting 


This would be rather fun to see what the Scouts get up to in their Patrol tents when they say they are tired and want to head back to their tents instead of sitting around the campfire. We could also see who has smuggled in the chocolates in the personal kit ha-ha!


How cool would it be to just stand their and using the power of you mind, you have managed to get all the patrol tents pitched straight , al the guy lines are in line, the camp fire is roaring and dinner is being cooked over the Altar fire all from the position of sitting in your Camping chair…. Ah the list is endless with this superhero power. 

Super fundraiser ability so we could do all the things we really want to do but are put off by budget!

I think this superhero power needs to explaining. The group Treasurer would be so happy wouldn’t they?

Magically pack up after camp

This would be my choice if I had to pick only 1 of the listed superhero powers. This is thing I dread the most about camping with my Scouts. The camp has been awesome, everyone has had great fun both Scouts & Leaders. No plasters have been issued but the dreading packing away and then even worse…packing the Van. This is when my stress levels increase so much. Everyone is knackered, no 1 really wants to pack away and will make every excuse to avoid this stage, so the extent where there is fights over who is going to mop the floor in the lair that we have hired.

Translations skills. You will be able to translate those grunts and weird noises the young people make when they don’t want to talk to us leaders.

I wonder of Google translate can help us with this?

The power to shrink and resize camp equipment so it fits in your pocket to get to the site enlarge it again while there then carry it home in your pocket again

Somehow it all fitted nicely into the van when we arrived for camp, in fact we have less things to pack away and we have no food and the emergency wood supply we brought with us, we used. So how does the kit still not fit back into the van?

foodThe ability to fill things, hungry tummies, fuel tanks, bank accounts, minds with knowledge.

This again is another very useful power to be able to have up your sleeves.

Unlimited energy to make you stay positive

I can probably speak for all the Scout Leaders not just in the UK, but I would say he whole of the world, that at some point in our Scouting timeline we have thought what’s the point? Why am I doing this? I don’t get paid for this, so what’s the point in me giving up my time for free and no one values me?

You’ve spent hours and hours and hours planning for an awesome programme or camp, but the Young people just want to sit around and talk, not engaging with the leaders, you’ve heard rumours in the district that people are talking about your programme. The list is endless.

It’s at this point we need a huge injection of positivitiy. But where can we find it? why not talk to our fellow leaders, our peers even the “Young People” themselves, to find out what’s the problem. Ive written a blog post about this exact problem. But wouldn’s it be great to  have a superpower to recharge, a bit like a phone charger bank that quickly refills us with positive energy.

A Force field to protect you againist Politics & Grumpy Parents/Guardians

Imagine just being able to put up a forcefield afound yourself to repell those rumours, District/County Politics  at bay.

This is how it would work.. you start to pick up on vibes that a grumpy parent is wlaking up the Scout Hall pathway, your Force Field detectors start to flicker, you activate your force field to protect you and boooooom that Grumpy parent bounces away from you and retreats back to their car.

Well done Force Field!!


Now that’s a cool Superhero Power to have.

What other Superhero powers have I missed out? Comment below and leet me know what powers you would have…


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